With the development of online gaming industry at home and abroad, the localization of game scripts becomes more and more important for both the export of domestic games and the introduction of high quality foreign online games into China. The purpose of localization of the game is not just to allow players to understand the tasks, props, items, and name of NPCs in the game. More importantly, it should be to the taste of players and highlight the sense of experience to build a reputation of the game among players.
Therefore, the degree of localization and the quality of the translation of the script of a game become one of the most important factors for its success.Having completed the translation of a remarkable variety of large scale games, Chagoo is rich in experience of gaming translation. In order to fully understand the background, theme, and characters of the game, our translators would always study and experience the game produces first before their translation.
In order to solve the problems in the localization of games, we will set up a special team of professional translators with great proficiency in Chinese and the target language and rich experience in game translation, which helps us gain better understanding on the demand of game developers and operators.


Our Value Advantage

  • Special game quality inspection department and professional game translation teams are established to provide the most professional and accurate translation
  • The resume of our translators will be provided for our customers before the translation so that they can choose the best translators to set up the translation team on the basis of their specific need
  • After receiving the task for translation, our translators will study and play the game personally to ensure that the translation will be accepted by players
  • We adopt CAT software (Computer Aided Translation, like Trados) and TMT(translation memory)tools to ensure the accuracy of the translation
  • Our company is the first one in the field to realize double (software manual) quality inspection to guarantee the on time delivery of the translation which strictly follows the requirement of our client
  •  We have experienced project manager for game localization to be responsible for the overall quality control to eliminate any problems in the translation

Scope of Business

Web Game
Games for next-generation consoles
Games for next-generation consoles
Game meeting Interpretation
Game meeting Interpretation
Localization testing

Successful Cases

Localization games and the website of Shengda Game
Multi-lingual translation of games for "ZT Game"
Localization of projects for Chang
Legend of Immortal
CH to EN,1.5 million words
Allods Online,RU to CH
CH to EN,2 million words
World of Warcraft,EN to CH
KR to CH,0.7 million words
KR to CH,2 million words
KR to CH, over 2 million words
StarCraft II
EN to CH, over 0.7 million words
Trinity II
KR to CH, over 1 million words
The heaven of three kingdoms
KR to CH, over 1 million words
Ragnarok Online
KR to CH,0.8 million words

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