With the rapid development of international trade under economic globalization, it is inevitable that finance information of different languages emerges in the international finance industry. Chagoo translation has set up a specialized team of senior translation experts, native translators, returned overseas Chinese, foreign language talents with master's or doctor's degree. Taking specialized technology as the core, our translation team for finance projects will spare no efforts to guarantee the maximum interest of our clients. Our translators all have profound background knowledge in finance and rich experience in related translation, so we can satisfy every need of our clients. For every project, we will designate a project manager to monitor the whole process of the translation and carry out effective communication with our clients in time to ensure the quality of our translation. 

Our Value Advantage

  • The segmentation of financial projects guarantees the quality of our translation
  • The whole process of the translation of our professional translation team for finance projects from receiving the materials till determining the final draft will be monitored by the project manager
  • By the introduction of Trados, the most authoritative quality monitoring software in western countries, we try to save time and cost of our client to the greatest extent to realize a win-win solution for us
  • Our strong technical expertise has won the trust and support of customers from all over the world 

Scope of Business

Translation of financial materials
Recording of financial materials
Correction of financial materials
Typesetting of financial materials
Recording of financial materials in foreign language

Successful Cases

Translation projects for CFSH

Translation projects for CDB

Translation projects for ICBC

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