What is localization?

Localization, as an important part of the internationalization of enterprises,is the process of adapting a product to a particular language or culture to have desired local "look-and-feel" during the production and marketingto lower the cost and improve its market competitiveness 

Why do we need localization service?

Do you plan to sell your products to other parts of the world? Do you intend to seize a share in the global market? What would happen if your products are needed all over the world but you are not ready to push them to the global market? Chagoo Translation will solve all these problems. 

 Please choose Chagoo Translation who will provide you with the best solution and help you find the right way to develop a multilingual products management plan. Our counseling teams are fully prepared to help you cope with complicated technical problems and culture differences in foreign countries. 

 In localizing a product, in addition to idiomatic language translation which is the first and most important, such details as time zones, money, formats of date and time, local habits, ways of thinking, and cultural differences must all be considered. In order to win the favor of the local market, the product should comply with the local concepts of consumption. In addition, the localization of software, marketing materials, brochures and other relevant information is also of vital importance. If there are  any mistakes in the translation of these materials, perhaps just an error caused by a seemingly subtle cultural difference, you will lose the change to success. We know how to cope with all these problems and will spare no efforts to provide the all round localization service for you. 

Why should you choose us?

Our advantages

    We provide one-stop localization service to establish the business procedure and technical basis for multilingual communication. Our counseling team of experts will assist enterprise to establish and maintain the effective multi-lingual program, no matter you need technical support in designing the procedure of localization business or other services in globalization. With in depth understanding and personal experience on the products to be localized, our localization team will ensure that the finished products will meet the specific cultural habits and preferences of the target market. We will adjust our localization program according to your time and budget and strive to provide an all round and consistent localization solution for your products. 

We help enterprises achieve the goal of globalization

Our localization service can help enterprises realize the following goals

  • Make sure reasonable business procedure and technical support are ready before deploying the global site to minimize the risk related to the globalization.
  • Minimize the time and cost in developing new clients and seizing new market with our optimized business procedure and technical support.
  • Realize the automation of multiple processes related to the development and management of multilingual content to improve the efficiency of internal resources.
  • Build a bridge of communication between you and your customers with effective multi-lingual Web solutions.


We help enterprises achieve the goal of globalization

Our localization counseling experts will assess the effectiveness of your product and information in the new market to ensure a share in it. Meanwhile, we will analyze the customs and cultural differences of each region. Our team of translators and experts will translate you material into the local language according to the local customs and ways of thinking in case you don’t  make any embarrassing mistakes or involve in any lawsuit.  We will appoint professionals to in charge of the whole process of translation and localization to ensure its quality and accuracy.

Scope of Business

Gaming Localization
Software Localization
Software Localization
Audio-visual Material
Audio-visual Material Localization
Website Localization

Successful Cases

Successful localization a variety of games of "Csoft"
Localization projects of "Ubisoft Entertainment Software Company"
Successful localization a variety of games of "CMGE"

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