What is subtitle?

       Subtitle refers to the nonvideo content for the television, film, and dialogues of stage productions in the form of text.  In broader sense, it also means the text in the postproduction of film and television works. The function of subtitle is to show the audio contents on the screen in text to help the audiences with weak listening ability understand the program. In addition, subtitles can be used to translate foreign language programs to let the audiences who don't know the foreign language understand the program while listening to the original sound track.  Therefore, translation plays an important part  in the making of subtitles.


With the growing tendency of economic globalization, international commodity circulation becomes more and more frequent. Subtitles should be added to different videos and programs to introduce and explain the characters, pictures, items, and sceneries, comment on the characters, and illustrate the feature, characteristics, shape, relationship, and function of the objects. As a complement to audio content, subtitle can let audiences see the word while hearing the description and illustration and thus get better understanding on the material. Through vivid descriptions, audience can have the feeling that they are on the scene and resonate with the characters.
       Therefore, the translation of subtitles should not only be accurate and clear but also vivid and infectious. In order to get the best effect, we will pay special attention to every word in every sentence to choose the best one for the situation. Quality comes from the attention to details and audiences will be infected by vivid translation. Our translation of subtitles will boost the development of your company.


Our Value Advantage

  • With at least five years of experience of translation in the field or working in the industry for over five years, our translators can provide the most accurate and the best translation for you.
  • The adoption of Trados translation memory software improves our efficiency and quality of translation by giving full play to its function in project management and analysis. 

Scope of Business

Subtitle Translation
Subtitle Making
External Subtitle
Subtitle Broadcasting
Subtitle Broadcasting

Successful Cases

We are the solution provider for ”CICE“

We finished the translation of "1926CN.com"

We are the long term partner of "IQIYI"

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