Press conference for the documentation Life for Translation held by the State Council Information Office

Press conference for the documentation Life for Translation held by the State Council Information Office

        On March 23, 2012, the press conference for Life for Translation, the first large scale cultural documentary series recording the history and achievements of the field of translation in China co-produced by China Translation Association and Beijing Chagoo Cultural Development Co., Ltd. and filmed by China International Communication Center, was held at the Press Conference Room of the State Council Information Office. 
       Nearly 100 leaders from the national foreign propaganda department, the foreign affairs department, external communication and the press and publishing agencies, institutions of higher learning, and cultural enterprises, etc., experts, and scholars were present at the press conference, which was presided over by Jiang Yong gang, Deputy Secretary-General  of China Translation Association. 
       In the documentation, the most authoritative and representative translators in China were interviewed face to face to dig out the details of the work of  their predecessors in the cause of translation and present the most prestigious representatives to the public. Recording the mysterious legendary life of the older generation and their special revolutionary road, the series unveiled the dedication of the special group and their down-to-earth enterprising spirit and academic quality to more people and try to carry them forward. It not only leads audiences to explore the mystery of the translation culture in history, but also aims at calling for more people of vision to join the team of translators and encouraging more people to devote them to the cause of cultural transmission to contribute to the social progress and national development.
  The large-scale cultural documentary series "Life for Translation" records and shows the devotion to the cause of translation of well-known translators in China and their course of life. The first episode has been finished which was released in January, 2012.It is expected that filming of the interview with 11 translators would be finished by the end of this year and the rest would be completed in 3-5 years. The whole series will be released on cinema, TV, and the Internet after completion. 

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