Mr. Lin Wusun has studied in Tianjin, Shanghai, Calcutta, India, and so on. He had been to the US in 1946 and returned to China to join the war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea in early 1950s.  As a well-known translator from Chinese to foreign languages, he has very high attainments in this field. Focusing on lectures on Senior C-E translation, he was honored as senior translator by Translators Association of China in November 2002.In 2011,he won the "Lifetime Achievement Award in Translation Culture", the highest honor in the field of translation.
    At present, he holds the positions of director of the committee for senior title assessment in translation, counselor of China Translation Association, and director of Western Returned Scholars Association and International Friendship Studies Association.  He used to be the president of China International Publishing Group. After his retirement(he is among the cadres who joined the communist party before October 1,1949), he served as executive vice president of China Translation Association, the director of  International Federation of Translators Association, and the editor-in-chief of Chinese Translators.
  Apart from publishing a multitude of articles on Beijing Review, China Daily, US-China Review Quarterly, and so on, he delivered theme reports or published essays during national C-E translation seminar in 1989, World Translation Assembly in Melbourne in 1995, seminars in Hong Kong University in 1996, the second Asian Translators' Forum in Seoul and seminars at Shanghai Foreign Language and Culture University in 1998, and translation seminar of Peking University in 1999.  
  The majority of his translations are from Chinese to English, making a great contribution to the introduction of China to the world. His major translation works are: Sun Tzu on the Art of War, Sun Bin on the Art of War, The Analects of Confucius, Nanking Massacre, Tibet, Treasures in the Potala Palace, and The Silk Road, etc.