Graduated from Department of Journalism, Fudan University, in 1952, Mr. Li Wenjun used to be the assistant editor, chief editor, deputy editing director, and editing director of Translation and World Literature. He is the vice president of Translators Association of China, member of Chinese Writers Association and International Cultural Exchange Committee, and academic committee member of Institute of Foreign Language of Chinese Academy of Social Science. He won the "Award for Sino-American Literary Exchanges” in 1994 and joined the Chinese Writers Association in 1979. 
  He translated four of the seven works by Faulkner published by Shanghai Translation Publishing House, namely, The Sound and the Fury, Absalom, Absalom!,  As I Lay Dying, and Go Down, Moses. Besides, he translated such famous works as The Metamorphosis, On the Road, Song of the Sad Cafe, Secret Garden, and so on. At the same time, he co-authored the book A Brief History of American Literature, Encyclopedia of Britain and America, etc. He has won the "Award for Sino-American Literary Exchanges" and "Lifetime Achievement Award in Translation Culture”, the highest honor in the field of translation.

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