Introduction to the translation training programs for enterprises

By combining translation theory with practice, our training aims at solving such problems as how to improve the proficiency of your employees in foreign language, how to remove the language barriers confronted by employees in their work, and how to maximize the value of employees in the enterprise。

In our brand new "one to one" multi-lingual language training programs, our professional translation training counselors will make customized exclusive training program for the need of enterprises to train their employees with high efficiency and excellent quality. While building a high efficient translation team with the strength to pass official authorization, we train excellent translation talents for the market of advanced translation.
       By adhering strictly to the principle of "enhancement of language skills" and integrating the resources of senior experts and our "translator database", we can create professional and systematic language training solutions for enterprises.

Why would you purchase our translation training program?

  • At present, there is a great contradiction between the increasing demand for senior translation talents and the unbalanced translation training market in the society. With our excellent faculty and rich experience in translation of different fields, we are determined to train more senior translation talents to promote the development of the cause of translation in China.
  • In our exclusive customized language training program for enterprises at home and abroad, we share with you our experience of international communication over the past decade and provide various kinds of high quality one station solution for you to help more people to remove the language barrier and more enterprises to step out of the country. Your staff will be glowing with confidence and your enterprise radiant with attraction in the international trade. 
  • If you want the world to know you, create the platform and opportunity for communication...
    If you want to get closer to the world, learn and accept different languages and a diversity of cultures...
    We will share with you our rich professional experience to remove every language barrier in communication...

We will go all out to

Customize the exclusive language training solution
Provide the most authoritative language trainer
Plan a translation career for your employees
Create an excellent team for your enterprises
Build a powerful counseling team of experts
Help your enterprise to seize more market share

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We can offer you the most suitable solution

       We can offer unique training programs with great accuracy and utility and our training experts are of rich practical experience, so the trainees will really be immersed in the cultural atmosphere beyond the boundary;
      The classes to train professional translators are given by teachers of profound industrial background and rich experience in both training and translating for many years;
      By integrating theory explanation with practical training, translation drill with interpretation practice, and bilingual translation exercises with acquisition of cross cultural knowledge, we aim at enhancing the competence of trainees in both translation and interpretation; 

      As the member unit of Translators Association of China, we have been training excellent translation talents for well-known enterprises at home and abroad for a long time and we will expand our translation training business according to the demand of the society and our business development to serve for more enterprises.

Service Procedure

We guarantee the best effect for the translation training

      We try to improve the ability of practice in translation and interpretation during the training to let all trainees discover their problems, reflect on the problems, solve the problems, and eventually be able to apply what they learnt in their life and work.
       Following ISO9001 quality certification standards, we have rigid process management during the training to guarantee the realization of our teaching objectives.
  We have insisted on:   
  Answering the following questions before the training, including:
  Why would the enterprise choose to do the training?
  What is the purpose of the training?
  How to assess the effect of the training?
  What is the status quo before the training?
  What is the idea state after the training?
  What methods will be adopted to bridge the gap between the ideal and the reality?
  What form of training is the best for the enterprise?
  We will propose a reasonable training scheme for the need of the enterprise after in-depth investigation into these questions.
  In order to maximize the effect of the training, our training staff will solve such question on the site as on-site services, atmosphere creating, and effect assurance. Besides, we will arrange relevant staff to take care of the classroom management, communication with lecturers, adjustment on the curriculum, and so on.
  After the training, our training staff will take effective measures to monitor and supervise the practice after class, experience sharing, and performance improvement to assess the overall quality of the training.

Our team of experts

Our advisory team is consisted of experienced conference interpreters, senior translators in the field of translation, experienced translators from government department, and well-known experts, scholars, professors, and so on from major universities in China. Upholding the principle of taking high quality and great utility as the core in the timely training of excellent team for enterprises, Chagoo translation will definitely set up a good example in the field of language training.
  • Mr. Tu An , a literary translator, writer, and editor
  • The senior translators of literature and art
  • The "Lifetime Achievement Award in Translation Culture"
  • Mr.Gao Mang ,the honorary academician of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
  • The highest honor in the field of translation
  • The "Lifetime Achievement Award in Translation Culture"
  • Mr. Lin Wusun , a well-known translator from Chinese to foreign languages
  • The highest honor in the field of translation
  • The "Lifetime Achievement Award in Translation Culture"
  • Mr. Li Wenjun,the vice president of Translators Association of China
  • The "Award for Sino-American Literary Exchanges"
  • The"Lifetime Achievement Award in Translation Culture”
  • Mr. Guo Jiading, committee member of China Translation Association
  • The translator for the delegation of Chinese People's Volunteers in Kaesong
  • The translator for Chinese Embassy in Poland
  • Mr.Li Zhenguo As the expert directly contacted by the CPC Central Committee
  • As assistant to editor-in-chief & director of editing department
  • As the deputy editor-in-chief & later editor-in-chief

Your Payback

You can establish and promote your own enterprise culture through the language training. If you are enterprises that have already had translation teams, you should pay even more attention to the training on related knowledge to improve the language skills of your employees and their self-recognition as well so that they can have a better understanding on their objective of work and thus create more value for your enterprise gradually.

Order our training program, you will get the following added-value:
  A brand new image of your enterprise
  Great Spirit of teamwork
  Excellent translation team
  Comprehensive improvement of language skills

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