Translation Projects

Quality control

Competence of Translator: strict examination, screening, and careful rating.
Preparation for Translation: select the most suitable translator for the customer according to the materials to be translated.
Pretreatment in Script: Pretreatment of the script is carried out according to the type of materials and the terminology library and corpus data bank via the processing tools with independent intellectual property right to ensure the unity of terms and the stability of the quality.
Corpus Multiplexing: building corpus for major customers and establish specialized proofreading team to ensure the quality of the translation.
Process Control: customers could check the translation during the process and they could communicate with the translators timely once there is any problem.
Professional Proofreading: proofreading experts with an experience of over 15 years for translation from foreign language to Chinese.
Native Revision: Native experts for translation from Chinese to foreign languages.
Auto Correction: automatic correction tools with independent intellectual property right to avoid minor errors in digitals, units, and punctuations.
Quality Inspection: professional quality inspection to ensure the quality of translation.

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